Unusual Exit – Clinical Trial Subject Jumps From Window

Unusual Exit – Clinical Trial Subject Jumps From Window

March 25th, 2013 // 4:16 pm @

This may be the odd story of the month. Back on March 4, a 32-year-old man claimed that represenstatives of an unnamed drugmaker based in Miyapur, India, tried to force him to participate in a clinical trial in which he had enrolled. He had volunteered, but changed his mind after he arrived because he had suffered health problems while undergoing clinical trials a year ago, The Times of Indiareports.

Fearing his health might deteriorate during another study, he begged off. But the trial administrators would not allow him to leave. Instead, he found a novel way to exit the premises. “So with no other option to escape, I jumped from the second floor of the company’s building and suffered injuries on my right leg,” Chandrasekhar told the paper. Miyapur, by the way, is a suburb of Hyderabad, where numerous pharmaceutical industry facilities are located.

H/T: Pharmalot

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