FBI Investigates Omaha Pharmaceutical Company

FBI Investigates Omaha Pharmaceutical Company

April 4th, 2013 // 2:26 pm @

Channel 6 in Omaha, NE is working to find out what the FBI was doing at an Omaha pharmaceutical company Wednesday afternoon.

Workers nearby said they saw FBI agents at Pharmaceutical Technologies, Inc. near 136th and California.

The Omaha bureau said local agents are assisting another agency with the investigation. They referred us to the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Texas to get more information.

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A spokeswoman there said she couldn’t comment on the investigation.

PTI has released a statement about the investigation:

“Pharmaceutical Technologies, Inc. was visited by federal authorities at its Omaha headquarters Wednesday morning, April 3, 2013. PTI learned recently that the Texas U.S. Attorney’s Office is leading an inquiry into certain business practices and since that time, PTI has cooperated fully with the government during this routine inquiry. The quality of care or issues that could affect patient safety are not involved. The company is confident this will be resolved. PTI will continue to operate in both the spirit and letter of all regulations and laws.”

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