Teva Regrets Canning Worker With Brain Tumor

Teva Regrets Canning Worker With Brain Tumor

May 7th, 2013 // 12:55 pm @

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Teva Pharmaceuticals is one of the major employers in Israel, and it is deciding to not battle a recent court ruling that left the drug company looking heartless.

A district labor court judge in Tel Aviv told Teva to pay about $600,000, plus court costs, to the estate of an ex-employee who was an assistant to the CEO and President of the company. She was fired because she was diagnosed with a serious brain tumor.

In the ruling, the judge blasted Teva, saying that the society of Israel saw a very dismal picture, and it is very wrong for a company in a civilized nation to do such a thing, especially because Teva is a public company. This behavior is out of character for Teva, which is well known for contributing to the local economy and also to the society of Israel.

Teva argued that it had acted appropriately towards the employee and went well beyond what the law requires, both personally and financially. The company also noted that complaints at work had been lodged against the worker.

But the new CEO, Jeremy Levin, is not pleased with what happened in this case. This week he wrote to employees that he regrets the conduct in this situation by Teva, and the insensitivity and lack of common sense in this case. He stressed in his letter that this sort of thing should not happen and it goes against the values of Teva.

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