FDA Raids Cancer Clinic, Confiscates Laetrile

FDA Raids Cancer Clinic, Confiscates Laetrile

April 26th, 2013 // 2:29 am @

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FDA shut down a cancer clinic in Tulsa, OK this week, after federal agents appeared at Camelot Cancer Care in the southern part of Tulsa and issued a search warrant.

It appears that FDA was there because the cancer center was using Laetrile which is a drug that has not been approved for cancer treatments.

One couple was at the clinic at the time, and the wife is very ill with cancer and no longer wants chemotherapy or radiation. The husband said that he had paid $13,000 from his savings to pay for a treatment program of 20 days. They had already finished eight days of the treatments. But FDA and the FBI showed up and they told the man and his wife to leave the medications there that they had paid for.

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Camelot Cancer Center is an alternative treatment cancer center that fights the deadly disease with all natural medicines.

The chemical, laetrile is found in the pits of various fruits and nuts. While the chemical is listed on the center’s website, it is not approved by FDA.

During the search, one of the employees was arrested for shoving an officer as he was trying sneak a PC out of the office. The man was put in jail on a complaint of assault/battery on a police officer.

Camelot has not been shut down by FDA at this time, but it needs to make changes in its treatment plans in the future.

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