FDA and Allergan Warn About Fake Botox From Overseas

FDA and Allergan Warn About Fake Botox From Overseas

April 30th, 2013 // 1:05 pm @

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There is a new ‘wrinkle’ in the fight in the US on counterfeit drugs. There is now a fake version of Botox that is being marketed in the US by Internet and fax. This time, the packaging on the counterfeit drug looks identical to the legitimate product that is made for the domestic market.

FDA noted in an alert that the fake drugs are offered with names such as Onlinebotox and were being sold cheaply through faxes to doctors’ offices. The drug may be approved in other countries, FDA said it did not go through their approval process so it may not be safe to use.

Botox is actually a purified and sterile version of the same toxin that produces botulism. Allergan noted that the drug has to be stored and sent to market following precise standards. In 2004, four users were put in the hospital with botulism poisoning after the doctor used on them an unapproved version of Botox.

Generally, fake drug makers focus on lifestyle drugs including Cialis and Viagra but they are now expanding into pricier products that carry more risks for patients.

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