Caffeinated Gum Causes New FDA Investigation

Caffeinated Gum Causes New FDA Investigation

May 6th, 2013 // 12:56 pm @

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Wrigley came out with a new caffeinated gum in early May that is called Alert Energy, which is yet another new food/beverage that is now featuring caffeine for additional energy in its users. However, FDA is investigating the new gum.

FDA decided to take a new look at any potential impact that new sources of caffeine can have on children’s health, according to FDA Deputy Commissioner Michael Taylor.

He noted that the only occasion that FDA okayed the addition of caffeine to any product was for colas and that was more than 50 years ago.

Alert Energy was not mentioned by its name during the FDA announcement, but FDA noted that caffeinated gum is the reason they are doing an investigation.

A spokesperson for FDA stated that FDA is not focusing just on Wrigley, but is going to look at all products that have added caffeine. The idea is to see how people and especially children use them in the real world.

According to Wrigley, Alert Energy Caffeine Gum is made for adults that want foods with extra caffeine for energy. Each piece contains 40 mg of caffeine, or about half of what is in a cup of coffee.


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