J&J Soul Searching – Help Us With Our Credo

J&J Soul Searching – Help Us With Our Credo

May 21st, 2013 // 6:08 pm @


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After many scandals and investigations over cGMP violations and many recalls, not to mention several issues over marketing tactics, J&J is now engaging in some soul searching. The health care company is now asking its employees to reflect upon their thoughts about the credo for the organization, and then take a poll so the company can identify how to improve the credo.

This news was given to J&J employees today from the CEO and the VP for HR. This comes after J&J’s first PR campaign to shore up its corporate image. Oddly enough, this new campaign was started just when J&J had a cGMP manufacturing scandal in South Korea, where criminal charges are pending.

As we have recounted here often, J&J’s image has taken a beating since 2010. In the last three years, J&J has had the following issues:

  • Recalls of Tylenol, Motrin, Rolaids, Sudafed, KY Jelly, Acuevue contact lenses, syringes, hip replacement devices and glucose meters
  • The Ethicon branch in 2012 stopped the marketing of 4 vaginal mesh implants that have been the focal point of 1000 lawsuits by women.
  • Difficulty in keeping Tampons and anti-fungal shampoo in stock in many stores around the US

One of the biggest scandals was regarding defective hip devices and the effort to downplay the high rate of failure. Another was a kickback case that dealt with a nursing home pharmacy. Omnicare was accused of getting kickbacks so that J&J’s Risperdal would be prescribed more.

By the end of 2012, all these scandal took a real pounding on the image for J&J. A poll on corporate reputation found that J&J had dropped from first to seventh place in 2 years. Investors, though, continue to invest in the company, with the stock increasing 43% in the last year.

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