Merck Slashes 280 Jobs in Ireland

Merck Slashes 280 Jobs in Ireland

March 7th, 2013 // 1:06 pm @

March 7 2013

The word is that 280 jobs are being cut in Co. Wicklow in Ireland at a Merck plant. Staff at the plant in Rathdrum were called into a meeting to talk about the cuts yesterday. It is though that these pharmaceutical job cuts are part of a global reduction in costs at Merck.

Manufacturing at the Irish plant will start to be cut in 2014, but the company stated that no staff is going to be cut until the end of next year.

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According to the site director, John Smith, the Merck plant in Rathdrum has been a major manufacturing drug site since the 1960s and has an excellent record of manufacturing excellence.

The plan to stop operations there is not due to the site’s performance, he said or any reflection on the people working there. It is just part of Merck’s ongoing global review of its manufacturing capabilities, which it needs to support growth and its business goals.

Merck stated that it intends to relocate products at Rathdrum to Merck sites in Ballydine, Co. Tipperary and Singapore.

Merck also employs 2000 people at different sites in Carlow, Cork, Dublin and Tipperary that are not affected by this announcement.

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