Lonza Increases HPAPI Manufacturing With New cGMP Facility In China

Lonza Increases HPAPI Manufacturing With New cGMP Facility In China

March 27th, 2022 // 7:08 pm @

Lonza recently completed a laboratory expansion at its API manufacturing plant in Nansha, China. The focus of the expansion is on improving the capabilities and capacities of labs and cGMP manufacturing labs to supply HPAPI or highly-potent APIs.

HPAPIs are a major part of the growing small molecules business with specific requirements for process safety, equipment, facility design, and containment. HPAPIs are a big part of Lonza’s pipeline for small molecule development, and the demand for this manufacturing is rising.

The new labs are part of Lonza’s new investment to expand its drug manufacturing capacity in Nansha. It also wants to add several capabilities in the company’s HPAPI global drug manufacturing network to meet rising consumer demand.

According to a Lonza spokesperson, with more than 1,000 HPAPIs in development in several parts of the drug business, there is more need for the development of HPAPI and manufacturing ability from early phases to commercial delivery. The new labs will add strength to Lonza’s global HPAPI drug manufacturing.

The capabilities at the lab will boost the facility’s footprint to 300 square meters. It also has the most updated manufacturing and analytical equipment. The new lab starts its work in March 2022.

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