Kanye West Changes Song ‘Theraflu’ to Avoid Law Suit

Kanye West Changes Song ‘Theraflu’ to Avoid Law Suit

April 17th, 2012 // 1:07 pm @


Two weeks after igniting a controversy with a new song called ‘Theraflu,’ which is the same name as the over-the-counter cough and cold medicine sold by Novartis, the rapper has changed the title. In a move announced on his web site over the weekend, when people are less likely to pay attention to certain developments, West relabeled the song ‘Way Too Cold.’ And he sheepishly explained by move calling it a ‘creative decision.’

In reality, this was likely to have been a legal decision. You may recall that the song title quickly generated a carefully crafted response from Novartis management, which issued a brief statement at the time the song was released by saying that the drugmaker “in no way endorses or approves of the references or use of the image and likeness of Theraflu in this manner.”

The reference to the likeness was a drawing of a bottle of Theraflu on top of a headless, topless female body on the Kanye West web site. The Theraflu bottle has now been replaced by a white bottle devoid of any markings (see here and the older version can be seen here).

In the song, West carries on about his complicated love life, including his latest fling, Kim Kardashian, as well as ex-girlfriend Amber Rose and her new flame. At one point, he warns that he’s “way too cold. I promise you’ll need some Theraflu.” At the end of the day, West may believe he is way too cold, but the situation appears to have become way too hot for him.

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