Join Our Affiliate Program

Join Our Affiliate Program

June 21st, 2011 // 5:37 pm @

Do you sell any pharmaceutical-related product or service to pharmaceutical and medical device professionals?

Consider joining our affiliate program! This is a terrific way to earn commissions for your website. Sign up today to earn 20% of all purchases of Webinars that originate from your website.

Join our Affiliate Program!

Please note:

– You will receive an email every time your link generates a sale.
– We pay you every month that you achieve any affiliate sales (by Paypal or check)
– We do not pay the affiliate revenues for products you purchase for yourself
– Once you sign in (we use an affiliate program/e-commerce system called E-junkie), you can manage your affiliate account online.

Questions about the affiliate program? Contact us!

Join our Affiliate Program!

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