Eli Lilly Fighting Scam Artists Over Illegal Name Use

Eli Lilly Fighting Scam Artists Over Illegal Name Use

June 20th, 2013 // 12:20 pm @

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Eli Lilly is a huge name in pharmaceuticals, so it is not surprising that some scammers want to use the name for their own purposes, but Lilly is not pleased. The company has informed federal authorities that scammers are using the name Eli Lilly and Elanco Animal Health to rip people off. It appears that the scammers tell people that they have won a foreign lottery and could be able to get a job at Eli Lilly.

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In the initial scam, victims report that they got a letter from a fake foreign lottery sweepstakes that tells the victims they have won a large cash prize. Also with the letter is a fake check from Elanco or Lilly. The check is supposed to pay for taxes, lottery fees and additional expenses. Victims are told to call a claims agent and are supposed to put the check into their account. Then they should transmit some money back to the foreign lottery organization.

In another scam, victims are being emailed about employment opportunities at Eli Lilly based upon the information from the victim that is on certain resume and career websites. The victims are told they are being offered to work at Lilly. Then the victims are informed they will get a check in the mail which they are supposed to put into their back account. Then the funds will be used to buy some type of working materials from a website.

We don’t know why the scammers are using the Eli Lilly name. As we all know, Eli Lilly hires very selectively these days, and this is not the way that the company normally brings in new hires. We also don’t understand how getting a check is part of the job hunt process, but then, we aren’t scammers.

Eli Lilly has issued a press release stating that the firm has no connection to this foreign lottery organization, and it does not conduct this sort of online recruiting for employees.

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