DEA Moves Cannibidiol to Schedule V of the Controlled Substances Act

DEA Moves Cannibidiol to Schedule V of the Controlled Substances Act

October 1st, 2018 // 9:47 pm @

In a move that could eventually open the door to more FDA drug approvals for medicines that contain cannabidiol, the DEA last week, moved FDA-approved drugs with CBD to Schedule V of the Controlled Substances Act.

The order puts drugs that have been approved by FDA and have no more than .1% of tetrahydrocannabinol or THC – the cannabis compound that provides users with euphoric effects – in Schedule V. DEA stated in the order that because Epidiolex was approved by FDA, it has an accepted medical use for medical treatments in the US as far as the Controlled Substances Act goes. FDA gave its approval of Epidiolex recently, an oral drug with CBD that treats two rare types of epilepsy for patients two or older.

The DEA said that Epidiolex does not meet the standard for it to be placed in Schedule I drugs. The rescheduling of the FDA approved drug allows GW pharmaceuticals to make Epidiolex available in the next few months.

The CEO of GW stated that with the final regulatory step taken, the company is working to ensure that Epidiolex will be available for patients soon.

CBD is available as a supplement in many parts of the country but the DEA still considers marijuana and all derivatives as Schedule I drugs. Some state legislatures, including in Texas, may begin to discuss the medical marijuana issue in coming legislative sessions.

DEA noted in its September 2018 announcement that it will continue to support scientific and sound research that promotes legitimate, healthcare-based uses for FDA-approved components of cannabis, per applicable federal laws.

Experts believe the FDA approval could bring a new wave of interest in the many medical applications of CBD and related marijuana compounds. The approval also could bring more research into other medicines that are derived from marijuana. Other than CBD, many researchers think that THC and other marijuana compounds could have many good medical uses, including soothing nausea and relieving pain.

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