Bristol Myers Squibb Adding 579 Jobs in Tampa, Florida

Bristol Myers Squibb Adding 579 Jobs in Tampa, Florida

July 19th, 2013 // 1:12 pm @

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A major factor in getting a better economy in the country is to always add jobs, and it is even better when those jobs are relatively high paying. So it is good news for Tampa Bay, Florida that Bristol Myers Squibb is coming to the area and will add as many as 579 jobs.

According to the president and CEO of the company, the economy continues to recover slowly on a national level, but it is growing quick quickly in Tampa Bay.

Bristol Myers Squibb is going to open a 75,000 square foot office in Tampa in January 2014. Salaries for those employees will be $65,000 and up, which is well above the average for the state.

Commissioners in the county gave BMS several tax incentives based upon this good jobs – about $2 million in total tax breaks, but there are strings attached.

Bristol Myers Squibb does not get any money up front and they only receive tax breaks when they reach the total of 579 jobs, and then the tax breaks are spread over at least 7 years.

BMS stated that it chose Tampa because of an educated workforce, good business climate and the presence of good universities.

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