Another Lab Suspended For Faking Tests Results

Another Lab Suspended For Faking Tests Results

December 5th, 2012 // 6:50 pm @



Yet another company has been caught falsifying results. The latest to run afoul of regulators is Chemi Pharmaceutical, a contract laboratory based in Ontario that serves some drugmakers in Canada and – ironically – boasts that it specializes in quality control testing, method development and validation, and stability studies.

Health Canada, however, says the contract lab more recently has specialized in falsifying test results, which was discovered during a recent inspection. As a result, the agency suspended its license and has asked Chemi customers to halt sales until safety can be determined. So far, only a portion of its output involved final testing of products before these entered the market.

“To date, Health Canada has not seen any indication that the health of Canadians has been compromised,” the agency says in a statement on its web site. “Health Canada will be working around the clock to confirm the safety of these products, and will take immediate action when required and inform Canadians.”

Nearly two dozen companies that make pharmaceuticals and natural supplements were told that further testing is required or that confirmation of a problem is pending. Among them is Genpharm, which sells Metformin, and Alpharma Canada, which is part of Pfizer Animal Health (here is a complete list of affected companies and products).

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