Former Pfizer Rep Won’t Return $411K Severance

Former Pfizer Rep Won’t Return $411K Severance

November 2nd, 2011 // 12:21 pm @

Nearly two years ago, Janet Rodriguez was told by Pfizer that her services as a sales rep – a position she held since 1993 – were no longer needed. And so the ensuing paperwork for termination indicated that she was entitled to receive a lump sum payment of $105,851.75. But instead, Pfizer mistakenly sent a check in March 2010 for $517,140.24.

And so, three months later, the drugmaker sent her a letter asking for repayment of $411,288.49. She ignored the letter. Pfizer sent another letter in August 2010, which Rodriguez ignored. A third letter was sent in September 2010 and – guess what? – she ignored that as well. Then, Pfizer hired a collections agency, which Rodriguez dutifully ignored. But she did hire a lawyer who demanded documentation.

Pfizer provided the requested documentation, and the collection agency allegedly made additional attempts to collect, but the lawyer flatly stated that payment would not be forthcoming. And so, Pfizer last week filed a lawsuit, claiming unjust enrichment (you can read the lawsuit here). The attorney, however, is adamant that the money will not be returned.

“By virtue of the fact that they bring this claim so late in the game, so long after their alleged mistake, (it) is just a cheap bullying tactic that we expect the court to see right through,” her lawyer, Saul Zabell, tells The New York Post. There was no explanation, however, for why Rodriguez did not return the money after receiving the first letter. And so we look forward to reading his reply to the court in order to better understand her reasoning. Meanwhile, finders keepers, losers weepers.

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